Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

So this Valentine's we (me and eric) were really busy with work and school that we didn't plan anything super special. Our anniversary (don't ask how long lol) is next week and we usually do something during then rather on Valentine's because of how crazy people are in Bakersfield with restaurants.

Eric surprised me with an amazing bouquet of roses and stargazing lilies at work and then took me to lunch on Friday to the Guild House. On actual Valentine's we got together to make dinner at my apartment and just have a nice, quiet night in.

Eric made me a wonderful card (as long as I have a card I am happy) that included a poem from my favorite poet, Pablo Neruda. I made him a card as well; it was a "love story" book of our lives and it included pictures.

We made Fettucine with cream sauce (anything that has pasta and cream I'll eat!). The cream was comprised of bacon (yes!), green onions, fresh basil, and cream (duh). DELICIOUS!! We poured Cherry 7Up in wine glasses and toasted (well we forgot that) to us. I also made for dessert his favorite, Snickerdoodles, but I was so busy cleaning that I forgot to check on them; needless to say some were more browned than others :D They were still good! I'm glad I still had my milk/white chocolate covered strawberries as a back up. All in all it was a very romantic and lovely evening; and I wouldn't have asked for anything more!

Sonnet LXXXI:
Rest with your dream inside my dream
Pablo Neruda

Already, you are mine.
Rest with your dream inside my dream.
Love, grief, labour, must sleep now.
Night revolves on invisible wheels and joined to me
you are pure as sleeping amber.
No one else will sleep with my dream, love.
You will go we will go joined by the waters of time.
No other one will travel the shadows with me,
only you, eternal nature, eternal sun, eternal moon.