Saturday, June 26, 2010

June Bloom

Ok, so everyone is talking about "June Bloom". This terminology is NEW to me lol. Wikipedia says it's a So Cal term for a weather pattern that results in overcast skies with cool temperatures. So indeed, it is June Bloom.

My birthday came and went in May - Eric surprised me with a lovely weekend getaway to
Cardiff by the sea. I did not know where we were going until we reached Encinitas - I got off of work late and then we headed south in the lovely Friday traffic. But oh, was it romantic! He reserved a lovely Bed & Breakfast - which was finely named, "Cardiff by the Sea". We were able to pick our themed room; one by one we were led to the available rooms. There was a French Country room, which was not my style lol. We saw the Santa Fe room which donned pieces like Navajo art and a huge jacuzzi in the living room. The room we picked however was the Tommy Bahamas room. We laughed at it because we went to the Bahamas on our Honeymoon and apparently that's what we like. It was a fabulous room with a rain shower and adorable flower sinks. There were mirrors near the bar area and on the ceiling LOL and a nice, big flat screen tv :)We dined at a local Italian restaurant and then adjourned to the hot tub on the roof terrace under the stars. It was honestly the most relaxing, romantic weekend ever! I heart my hubby.

Our laptop crashed and therefore resulting in Eric sulking for awhile - we just received our new computer, hence me having time to blog! We're loving it in South Orange County - many things to see and places to eat. The people here are quite friendly and wonderful; I've made a few friends from Visiting Teaching and glad to be in the Marina Hills Ward.

We're going to the Temple today, the Newport Temple for the first time, too! We originally had set the Newport Temple as our Temple to get sealed in but it was under maintenance. Hindsight I'm so happy that we chose the Los Angeles Temple, it's simply my favorite - even though Oakland comes in close second - has to, that's where he proposed! Anyway, I'm exciting to share these spiritual experiences with my husband and to serve in the church the best way I can.

Today will also consist of cleaning - I'm on a 'purge' attitude. I'm not nesting (even though a baby sounds so good right now) but I'm wanting to clear things in our apartment that aren't needed. Mainly it's my stuff from college and just random stuff from the wedding. Any ideas on how to start this huge project of mine?