Sunday, June 1, 2008


This part of my life is called "packing" lol. So I've decided to take only a carry-on to San Francisco. I've packed all my work clothes and the hiking clothes since we will be on a "team-building" nature hike....i'm actually quite excited about it. Airline passengers may now carry only one bag plus one smaller, personal-type item onboard the airplane. SO...that leaves me with my carry-on and somehow bringing my laptop...don't know what I doing yet with that!

Eric's mom will be bringing him and my other luggage...the actual luggage that we will have to go through baggage check or whatever. I'm going to have to swap some things and manuever like none other. It's about 50 degrees tomorrow in San Fran...while Philly and NYC 80 degrees with t-storms. Not my ideal weather, but it's now or never.

I love how the TSA explains what we can bring on our carry-on. It's quite informative. I've got it all packed for SF, now onto Philly/NYC. The hotels over there are SO expensive right now. We're going to try doing a hostel. I'm a little hestitant to be going down that road, but like I said, the hotel prices are expensive right now. I know we can knock out all the sights we want to see in a day, but who really wants to do that? What i'm most excited about (besides going to Strawberry Fields and Tiffany's!) is eating the PIZZA! Super stoked...that a maybe an ice cream at Serendipity's. Either way I gotta get to finishing the packing....atm i'm getting my MP3 player all set for the bus down to LAX (did not want to leave my car at the LAX garage for 10 days!) This should be an adventure. Wish me luck!


So i've decided to start a blog; I've done a few in the past, but this I hope will be an easier way at times to jot down my memories and thoughts than my journal since I don't always have it handy.

I celebrated my 24th Birthday on Friday. A good number of my great friends dined with me at Sorella's. My dish was excellent, but I'm not sure about everyone else. You just have to know what to order there. Being 24 is ok for now. I'm still in the 18-24 category; only Angela has told me that 24-25 were good years for her, so here's hoping. 23 was a great year.

A lot of things happened that year; I went to the temple, moved with amanda, gained a better relationship with eric, and got promoted to Regional. But i'm excited what this year has to offer me; hopefully not a move to LA quite yet with my position. I thought I was ready and good for it since I had been applying for the Northern California position. But as the days went on, I was so anxious and my stomach was in knots due to the thought of leaving my family and eric. I know it would only be temporary before eric woud eventually move to LA for school, but the thought that I couldn't see him everyday was very upsetting. Who knows, we're young and don't have any kids (duh, we're not married yet!) this is the time to be traveling and on to new adventures.
Speaking of traveling, my position requires to me to travel a lot. I don't mind that, but it has interferred with my Philadelphia/NY trip. Eric and I had to reschedule a couple of days later, which then rippled into paying more for our flights. It was really cheap roundtrip, too. About $ now ended up being $300 or so. Way bummed out about that. I'm flying out to San Francisco on monday evening and then returning to LA on Thursday; then meeting up with eric at LAX to fly out to Philadelphia that same day. Insaneness. I packed my MP3 player, some books, and the scriptures. I'm debating whether or not to bring my laptop. It would be very useful in the hotel room. These are pictures of the Sir Francis Drake. I'm super excited to be staying there! The room looks so's GREEN!

I have more to write, but I gotta get going to church. Today Baby Henry, Jocelyn's baby is getting his blessing. How awesome the church is...more on that later!