Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Mom

I stayed home today because I was sick - what did I do? Coughed a lot, slept and blogged. I also purchased flowers to be delivered to my mom in Bakersfield. I was so sad to not have seen her on her birthday this year. We planned on going home but there was an awful storm headed our way and the 5 North through the grapevine was closed. I really wish there was a way I could bake a cake and send it to her and it not be damaged. Next year is the BIG 6-0 for her! I can't believe she's 59 years young. She looks amazing. I want to age just like her! So I remembered the website - and I just subscribed to a 24 hour access and found her yearbook from Delano High. Talk about a blast from the past!

Now of course I had to put a more recent picture of her - she'd be mad at me if I didn't hehe. She just looks so great!

These are the flowers I sent her; she called me this afternoon and said she wasn't expecting such a surprise. I'm sure glad I bought them! Happy 59th Birthday, Mama!

Spring is almost here!

Wow, it's been quite awhile since I've posted - I guess I've been wrapped a lot into Facebook. I guess it would be best to summarize 2010 like this:

How Eric and Kimi spent 2010...

1. Moved to Laguna Niguel *score since so close to the beach*
2. Working at the same company - Southern California Edison. (I will sure miss the days when we spent lunch together, it was a great hubby/wife bonding experience).
3. Showed Mayra & Jose Mission Viejo during 4th of July.
4. Kimi was in TWO weddings - Kim & Daniel's/Millie & Eddie's. Both very beautiful and very hot in weather LOL.
5. Eric received his Associate of Arts degree in Biology from Bakersfield College *WTG Eric!*
6. Quite possibly the best Christmas ever (family and friends were surely missed).
7. Eric officially transferred to Cal State Fullerton *Go Titans!*
8. Survived teaching the Valiant 10 Primary Class...who knew what else we had in stored in 2011.
9. Celebrated the first year as husband and wife; we went to Newport Beach and Balboa Park.
10. Disneyland annual passes... :)

So as we already are in February (last day actually), what have we done so far in 2011?

1. Kimi has managed to become sick at least twice so far. NOT FUN.
2. We have been called to Sunbeams 3...and it's taking every fiber of our being to survive LOL.
3. We are enjoying our 50" plasma TV by watching Greek, Glee and Modern Family.
4. Eric has surprised Kimi by a very romantic music concert at CSUF's Concert Hall for Valentine's.
5. Celebrated Elana's 1st Birthday in a VERY cold, outrageously windy, Bakersfield afternoon.
6. Kimi is in ANOTHER wedding...Amanda and Ron's in late September of this year. LAST ONE, I SWEAR.
7. We plan to take a big trip in May..if all plans go well!