Thursday, November 11, 2010


Yay! Fall is finally if I can only figure out how to light our gas fireplace :) Scratch that, I've learned thanks to YouTube, however I am trying to find the faux logs for cheap since they are about $50 at Lowe's. Dislike.

I forgot to post that we went to Vegas this summer - it was BLAZING hot and the traffic was the most horrid thing I've ever experienced. I've learned a few things -

1. I will never live in Vegas, EVER.
2. Even if you're from Bakersfield, Vegas' air feels like a solar flare on your face.
3. I have more fun spending my money on food and shopping than gambling.
4. Even though I am biased, Vegas has some pretty awesome Elvis impersonators.
5. Don't drive to Vegas - or leave on Sunday since you'll be stuck in traffic for 8 hours. I'll fly next time.

One of our favorite places in NYC is found at Caesar's - Serendipity's III. My treat is the Frozen Hot Chocolate - VERY enjoyable in the heat. YUM. Also, Serendipity's has the best sweet potato fries! DOUBLE YUM.

So we went to Downtown Disney early October (eventually we'll get our annual passes). We were hankerin' for some Beignets from the Jazz Kitchen. Mmmm they were so good, I ended up saving my last one for Sunday morning :)

We celebrated our 2nd Halloween together as Mr. & Mrs. Bryant in Laguna Niguel (we surely missed our friends back home, but next year maybe!). We didn't dress up since it was so cold and rainy - but we splurged on a huge pumpkin from the pumpkin patch in Laguna Hills - to our dismay though we never even had a chance to carve it, it decomposed early in our living room. LOL.

Eric started work as a Steam Maintenance Helper at Southern California Edison. It's only temporary, but he's making good money. Unfortunately, he'll soon be on graves and :( Oh well, we're saving up for a new TV and possibly a new car next year. We most likely will spend Thanksgiving here in Laguna, sad since Thanksgiving is one of our most favorite holidays to spend with family. It'll just be this year and next year we'll make sure to make it up. Excited to bake Pumpkin pie and try out some new cookie recipes. I guess I can count my blessings that I won't have to plan to cook as much as I usually do! ;)