Tuesday, September 25, 2012

25 Weeks - 27 Weeks

I added a countdown app to my iPhone. 1 MONTH, 28 days, 11 hours 25 minutes, and 11 seconds to my due date. It dawned on me that I'll actually have to deliver these babies {LOL}. Full term for twin pregnancy is 36 weeks...and that 36 week mark is getting close and closer. At the last OB appointment, Dr. Pevzner said we will not go past the 36 week mark {eek}; that if the babies aren't here by 11/23, I will be induced {but I want them to stay in as long as they can to be bigger!}

What is good being already 27 weeks so far is I passed the first major 24 week milestone; if babies are born this early at 24 weeks they still have a viable chance but can spend up to months in NICU. I've read the second milestone is the 27th week {yay we're here!} 90% of babies born in this week survive {am I sounding a bit off talking about this??} The next few weeks are really vital. I'm listening a lot to my body's wants and giving it the nutrition it needs. I had a dental appointment today...yay no cavities, however they want me to floss EVERY day {it's hard since the bleeding gums or pregnancy as arrived awhile ago}. Been really hard for me overall since the early stages of vomiting occurred and I wasn't the best at flossing at 3AM after those lovely visits to the bathroom. Right now it's just been hard to get meals prepared in a healthy manner; Eric is doing really well at being a doting husband/father, but these babies are quite demanding {they get it from him, I swear}.

I've said it before, I feel like a hobbit - I eat ALL the time, second breakfast, 11sies, 2nd dinner, dessert, and the hunger growl at 10PM. I don't feel really it's going anywhere though. All people say to me now is "I can't believe you're having twins, you don't look like you're having twins at all". While at first that was a compliment, now it's down right annoying. Believe me, I want to have the ginormous tummy that is usually a staple item for a twin mommy, but I don't know what to do. The only real food aversion I still have is chicken {yuck}. But let me tell you, I can eat my red meat any day! I don't have issues with fruit, veggies - I know I should be eating more of them and the dessert...well c'mon it's vanilla ice cream. LOL. So I want to jot down my typical day of eating, let me know what your thoughts are and what has helped you in the past, because remember, less than 2 months and these babies are literally out.

Morning (8-9AM)
Kashi whole wheaties with whole milk
Muffin (usually blueberry or pumpkin spice)

Mid-morning snack (10AM)
Green Machine Smoothie (or some fruit one)

Lunch (11-12PM)
Subway Veggie Sandwich (6" wheat)
Baked Chips or carrots

Mid-afternoon snack (2-3PM)
Popcorn or rice cakes,  or yogurt or another full meal {possible Lean Cuisine}

Dinner (5-6 PM)
Beef Stroganoff or steak/potatoes/veggies or pasta

Dessert (7-8PM)
Vanilla ice cream or Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt

Nighttime Snack (9-10PM)
Yogurt or glass of milk or cereal

Stark raving mad-hungry (5AM)
Whatever I can find!

So, I think I'm eating pretty good - Dr. Pevzner said to eat six, small meals a day. My blood work showed last week that I'm really low on iron so he finally listened to me and prescribed me some iron pills - bummer though since we all know how iron brings on...constipation. I'm watching for this like a hawk, I will NOT let that happen to me again.

Below is a cool comparison of my tummy shots throughout the past weeks. Insane that there are living little rugrats in my belly!
My parents were able to visit last weekend and I had so much fun with them - we went to lunch and had a long shopping spree at Babies R Us {never seen my dad so excited to shop}. So grateful for their love and support. I cried like a big baby when they left though - oh those hormones are so wacky.

This past weekend was pretty crazy. The previous Friday I failed the take home glucose test. Which I'm still peeved about because it was out of my control. After being given incorrect information on how to take the test and then the phlebotomist drawing my blood at least 10 minutes too early, what else did you think was going to happen. My levels were at 138 and I needed 130 to pass. So of course my blood pressure and heart rate were high when the MA took my vitals. UGH. So Saturday I had to re-take the test, but not the take home test, oh no, the 3-4 blood draw, stay at Kaiser for 3 hours and did I forget you to fast for 8 hours before test. Holy moly. Let's just say I won't drink an orange soda again for some time. Luckily I passed those tests and do not have gestational diabetes {apparently this is very common with multiple pregnancies}.  Got me worried for a second because I do like my sweets and there was a time I had a Drumstick every night after dinner...LOL.

We've also been taking the Child Birth Prep Classes that Kaiser offers - 5 week course every Friday night from 6:30 - 9PM {hello, date night!} It's been pretty fun and informational. The dads in the class are super fun - everyone is a first time parent so there is no pressure on the silly questions asked. I really like the breathing techniques part; we spend about 30 minutes going over them and I'm impressed how Eric is jumping into this coaching role so well. I'm planning to deliver naturally {but with an epidural if possible} but it will really be up to Baby A's position in November; if she's breeched we'll have to schedule a C-section for sure. I really do not want to go that route, but again it's out of my hands.

Every time I have an U/S Appt, Dr. Pevzner laughs because I always ask how my weight gain is coming along, how big are the babies, etc. At the last appointment Baby A is still the bigger one of the two, there's about a 22% discrepancy in weight. While we shouldn't be alarmed, we were told that Baby A is definitely the bigger twin {you hear that Baby A? You need to share with sister!} We have another appointment this Friday and hopefully we can go do the 3-D Ultrasound to see what the girls may look like. Oh and the nursery still isn't taken care of...this mama needs to get on it otherwise it'll never happen.

Babies are the size of rutabagas!

How far along? 27 weeks today!
Size of babies: As of week 25: Baby A: 2 lbs, 4 oz, Baby B: 1 lbs, 12oz.
Total weight gain: 25-30 lbs!
Exercise habits: I walk a LOT since I've been assigned a different area for a month or two at work.
Maternity clothes? Yes but quickly growing out of them. Having a hard time justifying buying expensive pants/shirts for less than 2 months of the pregnancy.
Stretch marks? nope..lather up, baby!
Sleep: Lately I've been sleeping later and later...and taking naps right after work.
Best moment this week: They are kicking like crazy, so always being able to feel them move.
Miss Anything? I've had an acidic reaction lately with my taste buds. So I really miss my pineapple, mangos, apple juice.
Movement: Yes! Constantly. I get beat up all day/night. Baby A is very active all day and Baby B is really active at night {thanks, daddy!}
Food cravings: donuts, chocolate {kit kats!} and cake.
Anything making you queasy or sick: still with chicken.
Gender: GIRLS! PINK!!
Labor Signs: No - but I did have some Braxton Hicks symptoms earlier. Just really listening to my body and drinking an obscene amount of water.
Symptoms: hunger, bleeding gums with flossing, back ache, lower belly pains, slight bloating.
Belly Button in or out? UGH so mad - it's like an angel fish kiss right now. Eric thinks it's hilarious. I think it's downright U-G-L-Y.
Wedding rings on or off? On but I can tell they are getting a tiny bit tighter.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy
Looking forward to: My baby shower from work! It's this Thursday and I'm so excited.
Not looking forward to: Unpacking from the move...STILL 
Goals: To have babies be over 4-5lbs and to not deliver until 37 weeks.

Last week of second trimester! So bittersweet. This has definitely been my favorite one.