Saturday, April 17, 2010

New a different way!

Last Sunday Eric and I received our new callings! Not only did we receive a calling in Primary but a JOINT calling lol. I'm excited to start this new calling but I'm super nervous since I'll be in Primary! I've NEVER been in Primary lol. Lately I've been listening to the songs and memorizing them for the most part, but it'll be different from Young Women's that's for sure.

I'm excited to use my visual aids in teaching, since that's my style. It's the Valiant 10 class with about 5 girls and 1 boy, should be very interesting.

If anyone has any tips on this class or Primary in general, I'd greatly appreciate it. We're teaching in the Primary 6 book: The Old Testament. I always love those stories and better yet the kids won't know them as well as the Book of Mormon stories so that's going to be a relief lol.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April showers...

So we've moved! We're currently in the beautiful city of Laguna Niguel and enjoying the beach breeze. After many months of prayer, fasting and faith I was hired at Southern California Edison. We quickly jumped on the opportunity to live in a new area and for Eric to continue his education in Southern California.
We love our new apartment, even though it's a downsize from our town-home (we love you Panorama Pines!). We live at Pointe Niguel Apartment Homes now and it's so close to the beach, dining and shopping that we've had our hands full each day with new places to eat and see. Eric will start summer school at Saddleback College to finish up his A.A's in Biology and Spanish and will be soon applying to the universities nearby. He's been searching for laboratory jobs and anything at the hospitals nearby, so hopefully he will find something rewarding here as he did at KMC.

My new job has been keeping me quite busy; I'm in Talent Management with the Staffing Department at Edison and we're recruiting and hiring everyday. It's really rewarding to see someone who has trouble finding a job as I have, gain a great position at Edison. It's extremely fulfilling to know that there are good people around and they care about what they do.

I think our biggest transition, besides being away from my parents is going to a new ward for church. We've met the most amazing people in First Ward and will always love them for what great friends they were and are to us.
We are now in the Marina Hills Ward; which thanks to boundaries is not in the Capristrano Ward like previously thought (which is like 3 miles away). Oh no, Marina Hills Ward is about 10 miles away and is in the most beautiful church building I have ever seen! Two wards meet at the same time, there is Chapel A and Chapel B. It's a highly active ward, full of newly married couples (sweet) and lots...I mean lots of children lol. The people there have been nothing but nice and surprisingly I've been learning in classes hah.

We are celebrating Eric's 26th (eek) birthday this weekend since his birthday falls on a Monday. Going up to Bakersfield to see friends and family. We sure miss everyone. We're really glad to be in Laguna but alas, there's no place like home. Until next time...