Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Fun

Even though I am not currently working, it was nice to observe a holiday :)

We ended up having a day full of fatty foods and swimming. Although I didn't get any pics of us in the pool...we're not exactly 5 years old anymore with such wonderful bodies, I was still able to get the sun I needed. LOL. The day consisted of turkey burgers (yum), a taco bar, homemade rootbeer (yes, a first for me) and homemade cinnamon rolls (told you it was a fatty foods day. Thanks, Rebecca).

All in all it was a wonderful day spent. Today I'm packing and planning for our trip to San Francisco. I am super excited for it, heard it was super cold. Time to bundle up in May. My 25th Birthday is this Saturday and I'm not too excited for it; I just want presents :D We're going to visit the Oakland Temple and hopefully do 2 of my family names!

I had a job interview last Friday after the week in Utah (I did a turnaround coming from Utah that Thursday night to Downey, CA around midnight...SUPER FUN.) The interview was in Newport Beach for the City of Newport as a HR Specialist. Why did I interview for an out of town job? Well, I simply can't find anything in town for HR. No one is hiring ironically for a HR Specialist in Recruiting. *sigh*. There are a lot of factors in play if I accept the job. I basically have to pray a lot for my answer on what step to take next in this chapter. Wish me luck...and pray! :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's hot as Hades

So last week, and into this week I've been ill. Wednesday night at 11:30 pm is when it actually started. My stomach hurt so bad and I was throwing up every 15 minutes until 3 am-ish. This continued each day; I was so nauseous and could not hold down even a sip of water. What did/do I have? Some crazy stomach flu that has adapted to my body apparently.

Today is not so bad, but I'm extremely sensitve to everything I eat and very tired. Eric's grandma, Nina Jorgensen passed away last week and tomorrow is her viewing and service at 9 am at the A Street Building. We were fortunate to see her a lot the past couple of weeks with Cory's homecoming and such. Eric and I visited her at the hospital twice and dropped by some yellow roses. I am happy that she is finally without pain and can be with Grandpa Jorgensen. She was a wonderful woman and fun to talk with; she'll be missed but we'll meet again :) We're going to Utah on Tuesday for the actual burial and I'm hoping I can make the car ride since we are no longer flying. I hope my stomach will be ok by then; been on a light solid/liquid diet the passed few days. Cannot tell you how much I crave burgers, pizza, sweets!

Speaking of sweets, yesterday (and today but it's the Sabbath) was Dewar's 100th anniversary. They celebrated with an all day event of games, prizes and free samples of their 8 new flavors of chews just for the event; they are peanut butter & jelly, pistachio, carmel pistachio, vanilla, roasted pecan, hot chili, george's special and grape. Of course we ended up getting pistachio (the best flavor in the world).
It was SUPER hot and I'm used to the heat (hey I've been in Arizona when it was 114 degrees at 11 pm!). But the air was more than humid, it felt like we were in an oven. I couldn't breathe!! Luckily Rebecca and her family were kind enough for me and eric to take a dip in the pool afterwards :)

I made these cute little candy bags for the YW today with my lesson on Reaching Out to Others. It says " A little spoonful of patience helps every friendship grow".

Friday, May 8, 2009


Last weekend Rebecca and I (oh and plus Mateo, too) went to Spanish Fork, Utah to do some "special" shopping. The drive there is something I've never experienced and I can say it wasn't that bad! I luckily had a great driver and a little entertainer in the back seat to keep me busy and not go insane.

Driving through the canyon was fun and passing Las Vegas made me want to stop for some amazing buffet food (next time around). We stopped in St. George to see the temple since I remind you once again I have not driven to Utah before. The St. George temple is SO beautiful. I love the style of architecture and the presence it gives; very different from many of the newer temples.

After St. George we jumped right back in the car to continue our way to Spanish Fork. When we arrived in town, the moutains still had lots of snow! It was such a beautiful place; I can see why people decide to live there. It's only about 20 minutes to Provo and Orem; I could live there :) hah.

Anyway, we had a great time shopping: Rebecca is super woman and such a great friend. We had wonderful taco soup from her Aunt (so good!) and they were gracious enough for us to stay there for the weekend.

As all good vacations come to an end we headed home. The drive back was going pretty fast and we were making good time until we saw a sign that informed us of Hwy 58 being closed. Apparently there was a problem with the high winds and a windmill had wonderfully been projected off into the road. So instead of bearing some shards of metal into the car we were forced to take a detour. As going against my good judgement I didn't listen to the GPS (hey sometimes those little buggers are incorrect!) and listened to a certain someone instead *cough* not anyone in the car. We ended up going through Santa Clarita and headed back down the grapevine (I swear no trip of mine is ever without the grapevine!). This made our trip over 1 1/2 longer than expected.

All in all it was a super fun trip and I'm glad we went. Next time, if anyone has to take a detour from the 58, remember to take the 138 Avenue D...that will cut you across into Gorman and skipping the 5 North COMPLETELY. :)